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Why Choose Us?

We speak non-techno gabble to you!

Over 2 decades supporting web based businesses all over the world. Many under agency agreements without acknowledgement by the client directly. We’ve seen a lot, and are always learning and adapting to the latest developments and best practices.

  • Mobile first Designs

    In Australia, 50-80% of Ecom webtraffic is viewed from a mobile device, and growing, depending on your niche. We create mobile first Ecom designs that are fast and customer focused.

  • eCommerce Experience

    We consider the Sydney Olympics 'was a small project'. Over two decades experience working with large and small online stores.

  • Website Hacked / Errors?

    Light up the Bat signal and we'll be there. Decades of experience restoring websites back to operation. Then evaluating what went wrong and how to stop it happening again.

  • Remote Working

    We have been remote working before it was a thing. Logging in from campervans or hotels from all over Australia way before Covid-19 made it kool. 👍

  • Direct Client Support

    We are always happy to talk directly to clients or during a TeamViewer session to fix problems fast and explain in non-techno gabble.

  • Social Distancing Expert

    Like most tech heads, we are natural introverts and have been practicing social distancing from the public since primary school days. 😂

Rate guidelines in AUD

Depending on your requirements and project scope, we can create a custom work rate by the hour or monthly retainer at call.

As a guidleine, the two graphs below are from the popular
invoicing company HelloBonsai and show the market rates for different web work for an Australian based freelancer. See


which show current rates being charged from by different companies on paid invoices.

Talk to GC Web Team about your individual project and scope, and we’ll discuss a rate that suits. Different types of website / developer work is charged at different rates. Invoiced EOM in arrears ( you get the work done first before paying us 👍 )

Obviously you dont pay someone $500/hr to mow your lawn just because they have a law degree. 😜

Discounts for regular ongoing monthly work.

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